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About Us

Little About Us

Cocoon isn’t just any other preschool – it’s a fun-school! We believe in holistic education, and offer a strong and sustainable foundation for your child, so that turn into happy and well-balanced adults later in life.

We cater to the tender age group of 1.5 to 5.5 years. At Cocoon, we’ve blended the ancient Gurukulam system with the best of Montessori practices to impart an integrated education that fosters learning.

We firmly believe that happy children make successful learners and provide a safe and secure environment that nurtures their innate curiosity.

How we work


Every child is unique, and they ought to be treated that way! We do this by allowing children to grow into their authentic selves and encourage them to develop at their own pace. Through play, we learn! A huge XX sq. Feet campus with plenty of greenery and indoor/outdoor play equipment ensures that your child gets to explore nature and learn about the world around them. From catching a butterfly to learning about colours through flowers, there’s so much that a child can learn! Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to build cognitive skills, claim researchers! Of course, they’re always closely monitored by our experienced and well-trained staff!

We believe in cultivating a child’s inquisitiveness. Our curriculum is balanced so that children are familiar with routine but are still offered plenty of opportunities for spontaneity through play, activity, and exploration.

We believe in the ability of children to discover new things, interact, socialize, and learn through new activities and experiences.

You- The Parent

mAtRi-pitRi-kRitAbhyAso guNitAm_eti bAlakaH | na garbha-chyuti-mAtreNa putro bhavati paNDitaH
A child becomes qualified when taught by the father and mother | The child does not become learned just by being born. - Hitopadesha

We value parents as the primary educators of a child and work with them to ensure the best possible results for their little ones.

Open house meetings are arranged every month so that parents can meet teachers and discuss any concernsthat they have.

We also have a close-knit parents’ network which helps arrange social events and offer a support system toother parents.

Family Days are arranged to showcase talents of our lovely little performers.


We approach early education with the belief that when children are happy and given the freedom to explorethey develop confidence, and independence.

Children are grouped into classes with other children in the same academic year and stay in these small groupsuntil they leave for Primary School.  Each class is led by an experienced teacher and there will be up to 15children in the class during a session.

This approach helps children build relationships with their peers and teachers.  It also facilitates effectivecommunication between the parents and teacher, as parents know exactly who is responsible for their child'slearning and development at the nursery.  

Art, exercise, imagination, communication, language and science are the key areas of education we aim tofocus on at Cocoon. Teachers encourage children to become expressive in their communication throughoutthe school day.

Our classrooms are designed to encourage thinking and problem-solving skills in children. The rooms are spacious enough to allow children to move freely between tables. Indoor toys include puzzles, word-play sets, alphabet-blocks, and other games.

Active-Learning: Teacher-led activities include phonics, math, handwriting, identifying alphabets, etc.

Katha Neram: A well-stocked kiddie-library includes dozens of children’s books for storytelling and fact-finding. We aim to develop a love for literature early on in their lives, through group stories and one-to-one reading.

The Cocoon garden within our 21780 Sqft. campus, includes a wide array of plants and trees. This, we believe, is the best learning environment any child could ask for! It helps develop self-efficacy in children – facilitating social and emotional skills, encouraging risk-taking, and ensuring physical development. We recognize the importance of outside play in early child development and encouraged them to be close to nature.

The beauty of nature is that we receive far more than we give! And that is why, at Cocoon, our children are taught to nurture plants. We also have a small vegetable patch where they get to plant seedlings, water the sprouts, take care of the plant, and finally enjoy the yield. This helps them understand life cycles, respect nature, and even avoid a picky-eater situation.

At Cocoon, we celebrate all festivals with a lot of fun and enthusiasm to help children stay connected to their roots and understand the true meaning behind each festival.

For lunch, we recommend everything from beetroot to broccoli. Teachers encourage all children to share and care, whenever possible.

Teaching isn’t just about the curriculum; it must also impart life-skills. And that is why we encourage children to look after themselves and their friends by helping adults with activities like setting the table, queuing, and helping with the washing up at snack and lunchtimes.